Marketing Ideas

A New Way to Sell Jell-O

Sometimes products that used to be a hit, like Jell-O, lose their flame. It is important to come up with new exciting ways to sell the product to consumers. One way of doing it is to reevaluate your target audience through a process called segmentation. Segmentation is basically just dividing who are you targeting up in a very specific way. This is just an example of how I came up with a new way to promote Jell-O to a different target audience.

Jell-O Shots Anyone?

Jell-O is a well-known brand that has lost relevancy with consumers due to the change of purchase and eating habits. People are living healthier lifestyles and don’t have the same tendency to snack and eat dessert as much as before. I think Jell-O needs to have a new style on the age group they are targeting.

I believe Jell-O should target an ages starting from college up until the mid-thirties. The reasoning behind the younger millennial as the target consumer is because people in this age group love to party. They love to have people over or go out and consume alcohol. A fun way to take shots is taking it while it’s in Jell-O form, aka “Jell-O Shots”.

It would be easy to use social media campaigns to target our consumers since this generation almost all have some form of social media. The main focus should be to show that Jell-O Shots are an easy affordable way to consume alcohol and taste delicious. One small box of Jell-O makes about 15 shots, so you get a lot for your money.

You can also make Jell-O Shots in the form of a certain fruit like watermelon or strawberries. There are many options on how to actually go about making the shots, and an easy way to get it out there could be through “How To” videos on Facebook and Instagram. The ads would have to be really eye-catching through comedy/or celebrity endorsements to really grab the attention of our target consumer scrolling through their Facebook feed.

The tagline for the campaign should be something funny so the consumer remembers it and thinks to buy Jell-O for the next party or get together they are planning on throwing. Targeting this young and exciting group of people will freshen Jell-O’s identity up and make it a more looked-for item the next time a millennial goes to the grocery store.

Personally, if I saw ads of people with these colorful looking Jell-O shots, I would want to bring a batch the next party I was going to. It’s important to be able to rebrand your product when things aren’t going as good as they once were. Segmenting your audience is a great way to begin a rebranding process.