Small Businesses & Advertising

We all know of or at least heard of a small business that does not currently advertise their product or service. Yes, they might be doing just fine… but sometimes fine is not good enough. Don’t you want your business to do I don’t know… amazingly great?! Because if I had a business of my own I would want it to thrive.

My Personal Connection

My parents actually own their own small business, and it’s a glass company called Luhman’s Glass Co. It’s a business that has been passed down through the generations; my grandparents just fully passed it onto my parents about a year ago. The business has always done well, but it has never done super super well up until a few months ago.

Last semester, I did a marketing project for a class where we had to go out in the city of Des Moines and find a company that is five years or younger and create a marketing plan and campaign for them. My group and I chose Della Viti, a small wine bar in the east village of Des Moines. This is a wine bar I would consider a hidden gem… emphasis on the hidden. Driving down the busy road, you don’t really notice it unless you know it is there. So, after creating this campaign, the owner JJ did some of the things we suggested and business has “never been better” he reported to us a few months later.

I told my parents about this project, and how just a little advertising here and there (you do not need to spend a fortune) can go a long way. My parents decided to let me create a little marketing/advertising campaign for them, which consisted of flyers and things they can post on social media, to help them. Ever since they started advertising, they have been honestly getting double, sometimes triple, the phone calls and emails than ever before. My mom and dad have never been happier.

The next step for my parent’s is to create a website, so it is even easier to get ahold of their business… but that will be my next project I’ll work on. Della Viti actually does have a website, so I am proud of them for that.

Advertising for a small business seems like a lot of work to some people, but it really is not. It is easy to do and at a minimal cost. Obviously having huge billboards will cost a bit more, but you don’t have to go to that extreme if you don’t want. Any type of advertising will help your small business be the best it can! I promise.