I’ve come up with an acronym for what I think advertising stands for. This is a cool way to see what the values of advertising are and how unique it really can be.

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Anyone who works in the advertising world is constantly being active. When I say active I mean that they are either running around the agency/office trying to meet a deadline, or they are actively learning more about the digital world. Since the digital world is constantly changing, it is important for anyone working in this field to stay active and updated with any new technologies or trends.


Advertising is all about design. A good design will get good results. Design is not just the physical image, it is all the work put into planning any part of a campaign including copywriting, research, graphic design, and account planning. The design is what catches the consumer’s eye, and pulls them in to purchase your product.


Anyone who comes up with an idea in this field has to be valiant. Valiant stands for courage and determination. You need to have these qualities to thrive in the field of advertising because you have to be able to stand up for any idea you bring to the table. At the end of any campaign, advertisers need be be valiant when showcasing their campaign to the potential client. It is all about confidence.


Any ad you see should be somewhat exciting to look at. The goal of advertising is to create excitement in an ad for a specific consumer. Obviously you aren’t going to think every ad you see is amazing and exciting, but if it is a product you want or need, then the ad would seem more exciting. Also, creating excitement in an ad is a great way for it to potentially go viral.


Any ad must be readable to consumers. This doesn’t mean the ad needs to have words (but if it does those words better be a readable font, size, and color). ¬†Even if an ad is just a picture with a call-to-action, the image must be understood by the audience. If not, there is not point in making the ad at all.


Every ad is different, and every person who works in advertising has different ideas. Every idea in advertising is thoughtful. Thoughtful to the product and thoughtful to the potential audience. Each product deserves and receives a different thought process is creating the ad or campaign.


While coming up with ideas for different ads, you have to have an imagination. Without this, you won’t be able to come up with innovative creative ideas. If you have the mindset “everything has been done” you aren’t going to succeed in advertising. We advertisers must be able to think outside of the box with a mind set that anything can happen.


Everyone who works in this field has to be a little savage from time to time. When I say savage, I don’t mean act like an uncontrolled animal and be violent. What I mean by savage is to be able to walk into a meeting where you are showing your campaign to a client, and be able to just kill the presentation… you know like a mic drop moment. This is how you have to act time to time in advertising if you want to get what you want.


Each campaign/ad should be ionic in some way. It should be something that has never been done before, and it should be memorable. When the audience remembers your ad, you succeeded. This is what all advertisers strive for.


Advertising is necessary for the success of any product, service, or company. Without advertising, a company will not do as well as it could have with it. There is not much to say besides advertising is necessary.


I’m not saying all ads have to be humorous, because they don’t, but an ad with some humor can make a huge impression. It is a great way to create a memorable campaign. Anything that makes a person laugh is going to be more memorable than just a basic ad. This is something I like to use when making ads and coming up with ideas. It makes the whole process more fun, but you need to use it at the right time and place.